Pa Seedy Jammeh Our International Student Leaders Award Winner for Academic Year 2024

Pa Seedy Jammeh our International Student Leaders Award winner for academic year 2024 to pursue his master’s in public health at University of Illinois Springfield in United state of America.

Pa Seedy, is a dynamic 24-year-old who has made a mark as a student leader at the University of The Gambia. His leadership journey within the university saw him occupy several key positions, where he demonstrated a strong commitment to student advocacy and institutional development. His passion for science and environmental issues propelled him to represent his university in an international science communication competition, where he emerged victorious with a presentation on plastic pollution.

Beyond his academic pursuits, Jammeh has been actively involved in enhancing the health system of The Gambia. His contributions span both volunteer efforts and professional engagements, reflecting his dedication to public health and community service. Jammeh’s blend of leadership skills, academic excellence, and social responsibility marks him as a promising young leader and advocate for change in The Gambia.

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