Parachute Charity Organisation

Welcome to the website of Parachute Charity Organisation (PCO). This nonprofit organisation was registered in 2017, to sponsor the education of children from less privileged families in the west Africa The Gambia . The Charity focuses on sponsoring students to help them fulfill their full potential . The charity offer child mentor-ship programs and counseling to parents who have little or no knowledge in the education system of their children.

This nonprofit is run by a board of directors—all of them committed and passionate about education and service to humanity—volunteer their valuable time pro bono.

The Board of Directors and other volunteers at PCO are doing everything to make a difference in the lives of our sponsor students.You too can. Contact us today and learn more about the work we do. Email us . Through donation and / or partnership with PCO, you can realise your wish to contribute to the education of our sponsor students and advance human progress.

At Parachute Charity Organisation, our commitment rests on our believe that the development and resilience of nations depend on the education of their citizenry.

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